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More about the NGOs

This section includes brief information about our manufacturers. Mostly they don´t have their own e-shop but sometimes you can find on their web page a catalogue with more products than we offer here at Vedle Sebe. To purchase those products you can contact us or you can try to contact directly the selected NGO. They will surely be pleased, just be prepared that they may have problems with shipping and sometimes they might not speak english.

Jinan (= Czech name for Gingko)

This NGO offers social therapy to mentally and physically disabled people. Those people can weave wonderful textiles and the asistents help with sawing bags etc. They also can work with wood and create many different weaver looms.

Letohrádek (= Summer residence) Vendula

Vendula is a day care center and workshop, where mentally and physically disabled people produce different types of candles, textile toys and very tasteful bakery! How sad we cannot offer it here too. This NGO has its own e-shop and you can use it. Just be sure that you don´t need any other products from other manufacturers. If you want to save your money and not pay too many shipping fees, we recommend to make the whole order via VedleSebe.cz.

Projekt Integrace (= Integration Project)

Projekt Integrace o.p.s. is also helping to socialize mentally and physically disabled people. The manufacture works with paper boxes and paper bags and they fill the bags with herbal teas.

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